Those of the LGBT community are often bullied in educational environments throughout Europe. According to a 2012 survey conducted by the Fundamental Rights Agency, roughly 91 percent of those within the LGBT community had been subjected to hateful and hurtful attitudes and/or conduct. Such behaviors can cause depression, anxiety, and an overall feeling of isolation that is felt by those who are forced to endure this type of abuse.

What are the main issues?

Issues concerning those in the LGBT community are often not as well-addressed and are considered taboo in many settings.  The prevalence of homophobia and transphobia go largely unchallenged due to a lack of proper training and adherence to new rules concerning the integration of the LGBT community into mainstream education.  Such issues can lead to serious developments such as:

  1. Bullying

No one is one hundred percent safe from bullying, but those of the LGBTI community have been forced to endure much more abuse whether it be verbal, physical, or psychological. Far too often members of the LGBTI community cannot fully depend on support and must suffer alone.

2. Unfair discrimination

The current school systems do not fully recognize the educational, physical, or psychological needs of LGBTI students.  Everything from textbooks to bathrooms are a testament to the celebration of heteronormativity. This causes LGBTI students to feel very isolated in an educational system that seems to care nothing about them.

What is being done ?

In Western Europe new and more involved initiatives are taking place to include the LGBT community into everyday matters. These initiatives will include increased awareness of bullying and discriminatory practices against those of the LGBT community and will seek to react to them accordingly.  There are limited resources to push such an initiative forward. However, there are still effective methods by which sensitivity and awareness can be taught and practiced to insure fair and equal treatment of the LGBT community within the field of education.