LGBT Travellers Advised To Exercise Caution When Visiting U.S.

In the wake of the attack at the gay nightclub Pulse in Orlando when 49 innocent victims were gunned down by an armed maniac who also died, warnings have been issued to alternative gendered persons traveling to and across the US. There is evidence of fear and loathing of the LGBT population of West Hollywood and San Francisco.  A recent article on eturbonews said,’ LGBT tourists likely to go to United States and participate or watch a gay pride parade should know there are continued and persistent threats against LGBT communities everywhere. From New York to California, cities are under increasing pressure to protect upcoming Gay Pride parades in order to prevent another bloody rampage much like the one in Orlando.’

Senator Mark Kirk has requested the FBI office in Chicago to assist the town ensure ‘the maximum security possible’ because of its 47th Pride Parade on June 26, in addition to preceding events with this weekend’s two-day pride festival. Parade organizers are also providing additional security for the city’s request, the Associated Press reported. This year, they are hiring 160 off-duty law enforcement officers and also other security professionals. Nearly 1 million individuals have attended the pride parades in Chicago in past years, and 750,000 consumers are expected to gather for the four-mile pride parade which will be held in Uptown and Lakeview this season.

Security measures have been tightened in Denver, Colorado  where 300,000 individuals are supposed to walk in honor of the LGBT community. They are creating metal detectors and fences near rallies. Houston police force are on standby to prepare for a threat that appeared on Twitter just days ahead of the June 25 parade – eturbonews: ‘There would have been a massive shooting for the pride parade in Houston, Texas,’ Twitter user crehgdu123 posted on June 13.

Increased police presence can also be heightened around pride parade celebrations in San Francisco and Seattle, where events are scheduled for June 25 and 26. Perhaps there’s some over reactions here but it is much better safe than sorry’.

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